Electrical Ignition

Electrical Ignition

This is a simple device I made on the weekend but is probably one of my favourite inventions. It will explode or burst into flames when electricity runs through it. It can be made into a radio detonator or timer detonator in a very short time.


You Will Need

*A film canister/plastic or glass housing

*A lightbulb which has a base small enough to fit into your housing

*Two wires

*A method of attaching the wires to the light bulb (preferrably solder)

*A flamable solid that is easy to ignite (eg. Black powder or Match heads)


First smash the light bulb without breaking the filimant and remove the remaing glass with pliers. Next make a hole in the housing or canister just large enough to fit your light bulb base. Fill up the canister with your flamable powder and fit the lightbulb base to the hole so the filimant is just submerged in the flamable powder. Now solder/attach the wires to the light bulb and you are done.