Making an aluminium furnace

Making an aluminium furnace

To melt aluminium you will need to make a furnace that heats up to at least 660°C (1220°F).

Her are some plans to make a furnace that will melt aluminium easily.

You will need

  • Cement
  • BBQ coals
  • A drum (metal, plastic, wood, etc) 
  • Air compressor
  • A tin
  • Some fencing wire


first mix your cement up so it is now wet concrete.

Second put a think coating of concrete on the inside of your drum.

Third Drill some holes in your concreted drum. And drill one hole your air compressor connect to. Allow to dry.

Fourth poke holes in your tin and put wire through it so its like a bucket with a handle.( this will be where you put your impure aluminium)

Fifth fill your concrete drum With BBQ coals and light the coals.

Sixth put in your bucket in your drum. Try to have your bucket not touching your coals.

Seventh attach the the air compressor and turn it on.

Your coals should be now burning very hot and your bucket going red. Now put in your aluminium and wait till it melts.

Optional: you can put a lid on the drum with a one 3cm diameter hole in the top. This will make it hotter