Sodium Chlorate/Perchlorate

Sodium Chlorate/Perchlorate

Things you will need

  • Wire
  • Sodium Chloride
  • An air tight container (a bottle)
  • Hot glue gun
  • Apower supply
  • Lead dioxide anodes

To get lead dioxide anodes you will need to get yourself a fully charged car battery (you can a use slightly dead battery but there will be less lead dioxide) When you open the car battery up you will find diluted sulfuric acid about 30%, pure lead and lead dioxide.

First cut holes just big enough so your wire will fit through and glue the remainder of the holes up.

Second dissolve as much sodium chloride as you can into your water at room temperature. ( you should be able to dissolve about 30 grams of sodium chloride into 100 mL of water)

Third attach your lead dioxide anodes to your wires. (if you can try to get about 2 amps through you solution per 100mL)

Fourth connect your power supply to you wire and you are now producing sodium chlorate (it is an idea to make sure your anodes are completely submerged otherwise they will dissolve a lot quicker)

Fifth you will have to wait awhile. In the mean time your solution will be slowly converted to sodium chlorate but when the sodium chloride level drops below 10% it will start to produce perchlorates.

Sixth filter the solution many times, allow to dry

   You can make sodium chlorate if you use grapphite anodes and keep it running untill all the graphiet dissolves.

You can get graphiet from non akaline batteries